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"Unite is literally the reason I joined Bethel World Outreach Church. I accidentally stumbled upon the Unite Prayer Walk last summer when I went down to the Capitol to pray. That first prayer walk was such a Godsend for me. I had spent nearly 5 months looking for a new church virtually and trying to find Christian community in the pandemic felt impossible. Stumbling onto that first prayer walk was God meeting me in such a big way."

Ashleigh Rose


"I saw Pastor James Lowe whom the Governor trusted, the Mayor of Nashville trusted, other Pastors trusted, law enforcement trusted, gather masses of people for many weeks and pray. They all trusted him to gather Pastors and people to pray, sincerely pray and believe that God would move men and women's hearts toward love and peace. Move humanity in Nashville to confront their prejudice, work to change systems that are evil, and bring about peace while working for justice. It was powerful."

Kevin York


“After attending UNITE prayer walks, I discovered the importance of intentionally engaging with people who are different than me whether that’s race, age, gender, etc. I have met some amazing people through the walks which caused our big church community to feel small!  I loved having the opportunity to pray with my church family for our city.”

Shelbi Neely


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